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Sage Investor in a resource and brand created and managed by Dwight Pendola. Dwight Pendola, CFP® conducts all investment related business through Horizon Wealth Advisors as an Investment Advisor Representative.


Regulation S-P, Privacy of Consumer Financial Information, requires financial institutions, including Horizon Wealth Advisors, to provide notice to current clients and prospective clients about their policies and practices concerning the collection and use of customer, non-public information. This privacy policy notice is given to all prospective clients of Horizon Wealth Advisors upon entering into a contract with the firm and annually thereafter.

Privacy Disclosure Statement.

A primary goal of Horizon Wealth Advisors is to protect the privacy of its clients. The firm does not sell the personal information of clients to anyone. To conduct regular business, the firm may collect nonpublic personal information from clients. This information is provided by clients to Horizon Wealth Advisors on applications and other forms provided by clients to the firm as well as transactions with the firm, our affiliates, or others. Horizon Wealth Advisors may enter into contracts with outside third parties so that the firm can assist its clients in servicing their accounts. In order to do this, Horizon Wealth Advisors will disclose personal information to companies that help the firm process transactions for client accounts (for example, executing client trades at through a broker/dealer). However, Horizon Wealth Advisors does not share or disclose any nonpublic customer information except as allowed or required by law. In addition to sharing information in order to provide financial services to clients, Horizon Wealth Advisors may be required to disclose personal information to cooperate with regulators or law enforcement authorities, to resolve customer disputes, or for risk control.

Information Safeguarding.

Horizon Wealth Advisors has implemented strict policies and procedures aimed at protecting the sensitive nature of client information. The firm restricts access to client information to only those members of Horizon Wealth Advisors that must provide products and services to clients in order to service client accounts. Horizon Wealth Advisors has implemented physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards aimed at meeting the firm’s duty to protect nonpublic client information.

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